About Us


Keep Going Official was started about 2 years ago but has been an idea for quite some time. The idea came after the founder loss his best friend as well as a couple other friends to suicide. “I wanted to create a movement and message that people need to hear when times are tough. Going through mental health struggles myself, MMA and fitness was my form of therapy.”

That is where the idea of Keep Going began to take shape into what it is today. We currently have 9 premium supplements that help support Keep Going Official and what we have planned, the Keep Going Foundation. The goal of the KGO Foundation is to provide support and alternatives to people and athletes in need.


Our mission is to develop a new definition of health and wellness by spreading the message to “Keep Going” to protect life over any circumstances. We want to re-enforce the fundamentals of mental health and help people to “Keep Going”. Our goal is to encourage people to use the tools around them such as MMA and fitness, the stock market, and many other outlets to push forward through tough times.